Our ranch also produces fullblood Dorpers and Royal White sheep, which are both hair sheep breeds.

The Dorper breed was developed in the 1940s in South Africa by crossing the Dorset Horn and Blackhead Persian breeds. The objective was to create a new breed of non-woolled sheep that could survive in climates with 6 to 8 inches of rainfall annually and a breed that would produce a high quality carcass and a more desirable pelt for leather goods.

The Royal White breed was developed in America by Bill Hoag by crossing the White Dorper and the St. Croix breeds, both white hair sheep. He began crossing the two breeds in the 1990s in Utah, then moved to near Snyder, Texas where he continued his selective breeding to develop the new breed. He has since moved his ranching operation to Beallsville, Ohio.

Both the Dorpers and the Royal Whites have many desirable traits for the producer of sheep and lambs for meat. They have rapid and outstanding feed-to-weight gain ratios, high quality meat, high quality pelts, strong mothering instincts, higher parasite resistance than most breeds of sheep, a strong tendency to deliver multiple births and high lamb survivability. They are adaptable to any climate, have strong flocking instincts and are not flighty by nature.

All of our Dorper sheep are registered by the American Dorper Sheep Breeders Assn. Many of our Royal Whites are registered by the Royal White Sheep Assn. We sell breeding stock from both breeds and welcome inquiries about breeding stock, or, just to visit about these two breeds of sheep.

New, January 2014: Madison McKinnon, granddaughter of ranch owner Garet von Netzer, prepares to show her Dorper wether in the Gillespie County Youth Show.
New, January 2014: Madison McKinnon leads her Dorper wether market lamb into the Gillespie County Show Arena
New, January 2014: Royal White ewes are now in the midst of lambing.
New, January 2014: Two Royal White new mothers and babies.
New, January 2014: One of the ranch's fullblood, registered ewes is proud of her new baby ewe lamb.
This Dorper spring lamb finished high in the Texas Hill Country Dorper Assn. Show. She was shown by Madison McKinnon, 8-year-old granddaughter of ranch owner Garet von Netzer.
Madison McKinnon works to position this fall ewe lamb during judging at the Texas Hill Country Dorper Assn. Show held Sept. 20, 2013 in Fredericksburg, TX.
This fall Dorper ewe lamb, shown by Garet von Netzer's granddaughter Madison McKinnon, won its class at the 2013 Texas Hill Country Dorper Assn. Show in Fredericksburg, TX and was judged the third-best Dorper ewe in the entire show.
This entry in the Gillespie County Royal White breeding sheep show Aug. 23 won the yearling ewe class and then was judged to be the reserve champion ewe of the entire show. It was the 125th anniversary of the Gillespie County Fair, the oldest continuously running fair in Texas.
The yearling ewe at left and yearling ram won their classes in the Royal White breeding sheep show at the Gillespie County Fair Aug. 23.
The von Netzer Ranch had the winning entries in the 125th annual Gillespie County Fair breeding sheep show on Aug. 23. Those were, from left, the top ewe lamb, the top yearling ewe (also selected the reserve champion ewe of the entire Royal White show) and the top yearling ram.
This ewe lamb is representative of the von Netzer flock and will be shown this fall.
This Royal White ram is representative of the RW sheep in the von Netzer flock. He has just turned one year old.
This yearling Dorper ram is being prepared for fall shows.
This Dorper ewe is just a lamb. She is being exercised in advance of shows this coming fall.
This fullblood Dorper ram is a yearling that will be shown in shows this fall.
This Royal White ewe, recently a lamb herself, just had her first baby.
This Dorper ewe has her hands full with 3 new babies. She got the extra energy needed to bear triplets by eating a lot of liquid molasses.
Three Royal White and one Dorper ewe lamb share the same field
This Royal White ewe lamb is just over six months old
These Royal White ewe lambs enjoy a coastal bermuda patch
This Royal White ewe lamb is just seven months old.
These Royal White ewes are still just lambs!
These 2 Royal White rams, a lamb on the left and a 3-year-old on the right, are 2 of the lead sires used in the Von Netzer Ranch's Royal White breeding program.
This 2-year-old ewe is representative of Royal White ewes on the von Netzer Ranch.
These 2 Dorper ram lambs are being exercised by Mardi von Netzer before they will be shown in the fall. They reflect the genetics of the Von Netzer Dorper flock.
These 2 Dorper rams are still just lambs!
Royal White ewes often have triplets.
Another Royal White mother with her hands full.
This yearling Dorper ewe with her first lamb.
Another first-lamb mother with her new baby.
A Royal White momma and her new babies.
This young Royal White ram has the potential to be an outstanding breeding animal.
These are 2 of the Dorper breeding rams produced at our ranch
This ram was the reserve champion yearling ram in the 2011 Texas High Country Dorper Assn. Show & Sale in Fredericksburg, Texas, one of the biggest Dorper sheep shows in the country. The picture features ranch owners Garet & Mardi von Netzer and South African show judge Pieter Van Schalkwyk
This Dorper ewe is proud of her fast-growing twin lambs
This Dorper ewe lamb comes from the father of the 2011 reserve champion ram in the Fredericksburg, Texas show
This stud Dorper ram is the father of the 2011 Reserve Champion ram in the Texas Hill Country Dorper Assn. Show in Fredericksburg, Texas. He has impressive muscle and balance
These Royal White ewes are in their prime
These Royal White ewes are thriving despite the fact their range in 2011 has been suffering the worst drought in recorded weather history.
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